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Rhine WC Suite
Rhine Basin & Pedestal
Rhine Wok


A timeless classic wiith generous dimensions and simple shape, blending smooth curves with elegant proportions,  this handsome range smartly combines form and function.  Additional products include a wok basin as well as corner acrylic bathtub. .

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Rhine Suite

Rhine WC Suite
Rhine WC Suite

Width 410 mm
Depth 690 mm
Height 790 mm

6104 WC Pan "Horizontal Outlet"
7204 Cistern "Dual Button"          
9004  WC Seat Cover                  
Rhine Basin & Pedestal
Rhine Basin & Pedestal

Width 560 mm
Depth 450 mm
Height 820 mm

2104-1 Basin 1 Taphole 
2104-2 Basin 2 Tapholes
 3104    Full Pedestal       
Rhine Wok Basin
Rhine Wok Basin

Width 445 mm
Depth 445 mm
Height 185 mm

2304 Basin No Taphole

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